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4.8 / 5.0
Caracteristici 4.8 / 5.0
Ușor de folosit 5.0 / 5.0
Stabilirea prețului 4.7 / 5.0
Fiabilitate & Suport 4.9 / 5.0

CyberGhost este unul dintre cele mai bune VPN-uri care există. Cu un pachet premium la un preț accesibil, nu e de mirare că este unul dintre VPN-urile de top pe site-ul nostru. CyberGhost este o rețea VPN care vă permite să accesați biblioteca Netflix completă și să ocoliți Marele Firewall Chinei.Cu vitezele sale mari...

iulie 12, 2018

CyberGhost VPN Recenzii utilizatorilor

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Stela Fox
iulie 12, 2018
  •  5
Fast, convenient and affordable VPN

My main concern about VPN's is speed as you change your proxy via free services, your internet often slows down drastically. That's not the case with CyberGhost, all but farthest servers work really fast and you don't notice the speed difference while you are working. There are MANY locations to choose from and some extra features that might be useful for some, though most of them are derivatives of its primary function, i.e. changing your proxy. Ad blocking feature doesn't seem to always work, I see some banners even though it's turned on. I countered a couple of freezes and crashes in heavy use, but nothing significant to hamper my overall experience. Customer service is quick and kind to respond. Recommended.

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iulie 12, 2018
  •  2
Not sure about this VPN service

The minute I signed up for and activated a free account for 30 days, there was SERIOUS throttling on my otherwise super fast internet speeds. I was knocked off a CRTV episode and could not connect to any web page. The online help was really friendly and just when we were going to figure out how to change my IP, the program would not load, the button to start was grayed out, and the connection to help desk cut off. I tried for over an hour to reconnect. Finally I turned off CyberGhost and everything returned to normal. Yikes.

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John Lucas
iulie 9, 2018
  •  5
This is simply the best

So far I can say that its the best it has been working wonderfully ever since i installed I have been able to download all the blocked torrent downloads and access sites that were not able to access at a super speed connection.

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